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Recent Activity on PPMP

Big data is one of the fastest-growing trends in both the tech and business worlds, and companies are always looking for ways to channel that data to generate revenue. But data analytics is still a relatively new phenomenon and is constantly evolving, so how can organizations make sure that they are focusing their resources on the right aspects of data management?

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As businesses continue to generate greater amounts of data through their operations, the need for skilled professionals who are able to adapt to the changing data landscape and integrate technologies to effectively manage it continues to rise. I recently read an article in Forbes that outlines the challenges that organizations face when dealing with these large amounts of data.

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I recently read an article from Information Management that discusses how emerging technologies will impact the way companies manage big data. 

Author Maria Villar points to several technologies that data management professionals should pay attention to, as they will play a large role in the development of data quality and infrastructure. 

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